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November 28, 2001

Hello all. Today's my 21st birthday. Woohoo!! Looks like I'm legal now. What am I doing? I'm sitting here writing you listening to my Coldplay CD. I just love this guy's voice.

It's a very cold day here in Texas. The weathermen have been talking about snow and sleat and ice. Yes that's right here in Texas we have a possablity of snow. Bet you never thought that it ever snowed here. Well you wrong, we do get snow. It just never sticks to the ground but bygolly we get snow. Actually it's more ice than snow.

So it's almost 2:oo p.m. and I haven't even gotten dressed. I'm to lazy to take a shower get cold and have to warm up again. It's my birthday and I can do what I want!

Last Sunday I celebrated my birthday with my family. My mom baked me a giant cookie cake. My Aunt spent 30 dollars worth on decorations (A waste of money if you ask me). The theme was a laua. I still have the paper lanterns anf will be hanging those up in my bedroom. I got my teapot that I wanted. It's green an has leaves all over it. I really like it.

It's starting to look alot like Christmas. We put up the Christmasd tree last night(a fake one). I do love Christmas. One year I would love to spen Christmas day in a log cabin high on a mountain in Colorodo. That's my dream (I'm dreaming of a White Christmas).

Don't know what else to tell you right now. Maybe I'll write more later.

Stay tuned for more of my so called life.

We live in a beautiful world. Yeah we do, yeah we do.