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Is Paul McCartney your favorite Beatle? Are you always the last to know what he's up to? Well look no further because you have landed on the right page. I will keep you up to date on whatever Macca is up to. Just click on the flowers to the left to visit the links.

04/25/02 Announced today on Paul's Message Broad was that Paul will be doing a chat on May 9th from his Dallas dressing room.

04/25/02 A Concert review from the washingtion Post: Sgt. Pepper, Still Worth His Salt In Concert, McCartney Displays His Resilient Rubber Soul

04/07/02 ALL PAUL NEEDS IS LOVE- A gossip column from Guessing if Paul will be married in the Hamptons or not.

On Monday April 1st Paul started his Driving Usa Tour. He has proved to us all once again that he is a great entertainer. Within minutes of the concerts going on sale they were all sold out. Now why couldn't that have happened with his new CD "Driving Rain"? Anyhoo I have collected as many online news reports I could to share with you. This is how I will do it. I'll put the names of where the reports come from and the title of the reports. Just click on the titles to go to the website. The last link is to Yahoo. They have about 5 or 6 different pictures of Paul during the concert.

Ananova.comPaul McCartney starts US tour

Ananova.comMcCartney sings tributes to wife and bandmates

ABCnews.comPaul McCartney Opens U.S. Tour

BBCnewsSir Paul's tribute to lost friends refrain for lost Beatles on Paul's hit tour

USA TodayMcCartney is the busy Beatle

ExtraTv.comA video of Paul talking about the tour.

Sacramento.comReview: Nearing 60, McCartney can't be beat

Yahoo picturesPaul photos.

12/16/01 Paul appeared on the German show Wetten Dass. Here is the content from their site. They have a good slideshow if your German is'nt up to date.

12/16/01 It is said that Paul might be starting his wrold tour around March of next year. Want to make sure you get tickets? Go to this website (I am no way involved with this website or people, I don't know how dependable thay are, use your own judgement.):

12/16/01 Paul McCartney's fiancee, Heather Mills, has received a humanitarian award from Croatia's prime minister.

12/16/01 New photos of Paul with Heather on yahoo.

12/10/01 A really nice interview in Towere records own magazine called Pulse.

12/10/01 McCartney Recruits 'Gimme Shelter' Director For Concert For New York Film

With the help of MJI Broadcasting Paul will be doing a two hour radio show airing across the United States and over the world on Sunday November 18.

11/17/01 HEY RUDE EXCLUSIVE: Kate, 33, 'too old' to interview Macca, 60

11/14/01 Macca: I took coke

11/8/01 Paul's new viedo Freedom is now being played on VH1 every morning.

11/8/01 McCartney: I cried for six months with my new love

11/8/01 Paul McCartney is to play a rare live show in London before the end of the month.


11/2/01 Paul McCartney is releasing another New York charity single. From A Lover To A Friend is already out as a fundraising track. That will now become the B-side of his new song Freedom featuring Eric Clapton on guitar.

11/2/01 The fiance of Sir Paul McCartney has called for an end to the bombing campaign in Afghanistan. Heather Mills was speaking at the launch of a new partnership between the charity Adopt-a-Minefield and the Mines Advisory Group to save lives in Vietnam. The former model is patron of Adopt-a-Minefield.

10/22/01 A story about the NY concert.

10/22/01 Photos of the NY Concert

10/22/01 Pics of Paul and Heather at Yankee game 4.

On Paul has said that he taped an interview with Dan Rather for 60 Minutes. It may air this Wensday night. Check you local listings. I'll tell you if I get a specifice date.

Also Paul will be on the Howard Stern show TONIGHT(10/22/01)!!!! The show is on the channel E! Check your local listings.

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