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Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that had one line that just blew you away? Well I was reading this book called "Open House" by Elizabeth Berg and there was a paragraph in it that I just absolutely loved here it is:

The truth is, I like any evidence of love between poeple. I now there are those who thrive on living alone, but how? How when they know that the ceral box will empty only when they finish it; when they walk into a house where, rather than the mixed evidence of life lived together, there is only the quiet imprint of one? I have brown hair, I am right-handed, I can curl my tonge, and I must have someone to love.

It just tells so much about the character and is so bold. Do you have any lines like this? Email them to me so I can fill up this page. Please tell me why you like it and how it speaks to you. Also, where it is from.

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